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Our honeymoon?? Our cacher friend jutini accompanies us as we indulge in our hobby - we plan to visit many cities and states of North America. Dieser Log Eintrag wurde extrem umweltfreundlich?? A quick visit of the surroundings. Sadly, we did not have enough time to go up the Needle and in the Museum.

Found this one during a nice trip thru this Town. Zusammen mit Ps-Cacher auf unserer Tour durch Seattle gefunden. Further, we wanted to visit Vancouver. Another highlight was a few caches of E.

Oh Nee Papa Nicht Schon Wieder Geocachen Die Verrückte Suche Nach Dosen Trepte

As well, the reactivated APE cache. A visit to Mega's "Geocoinfest-Seattle " and, of course, a visit to the headquarter. We have logged under "Going HQ " so that the logbooks are not full. Member of our group were.

Everyone we met was very, very friendly and always asked if they could help us. For a giant big Pirattankeyou!!!!! Ferner, wollten wir Vancouver einen Besuch abstatten.

Weite-re Highlight waren auch ein paar Dosen von E. Ebenso der reaktivierte APE Cache. Mit von der Partie waren. Together with my B cker and a lot oft crazy cachers from Germany we have an exciting round trip to the USA. With us was the Geocaching Vlogger J Exhausting but beautyful. In Seattle kam noch der Geocaching Vlogger Josh zu uns. With us traveled the GeocachingVlogger from Michigan.

We all logged with "Team Going HQ". It was an interesting tour and we had much fun. Greetings from Good Old Germany. Surprise, surprise! It's still there Found it while visiting the new virtual cache right here. My wife and I visited this famous landmark and enjoyed the views. Bought a fridge magnet at the gift shop. Discovered with Inxtricablfate while caching our way around Seattle. My first benchmark. Nice place. Greetings from France. I had a really interesting geocaching-trip.

We could find many geocaches and even met some local cacheowners and had a great talk to them. Concerning this geocache I want to say thanks because we had much fun in searching and finding this geocache! The cache made our journey even more interesting and with the help of this cache we had the chance to discover your neighborhood and its surroundings in a more interesting way! Best regards from Bonn, Germany!

While visiting Seattle and the Spaceneedle we found this benchmark.


Greetings from Berlin FrauOrientierungslos???? Today's original plan was to do a short day caching run with jcar down to Seattle to grab a few caches and then grab a set of lab caches that are about to expire. Unfortunately my partner in crime came down sick and had to back out.

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I decided to go do the planned list of caches by myself anyway. I was more successful than usual with no DNF's on the day in 24 stops to look for caches of one flavor or another. This benchmark is viewable from my office at work, but I will make the claim on a visit today as I was actually at the Space Needle. It will be interesting to eat up there when the glass floor is completed.

A group of 39 crazy Geocachers, 35 of them from Germany and 4 from Switzerland, were traveling from During our 12 day trip, we visited many Benchmarks. This one was one of them at our trip. Team Entonenteron. Thanks for showing. Seeing it while our trip through Seattle. On our Seesighting Tour seen this beautiful Tower. Many Greetings from Germany. Thank you. Auf dem Weg vom Headquarter nach Downtown gesehen. Seen on the way from Geocaching Headquarter to Seattle Downtown. Recovered in good condition as described. Current renovation work will add a glass floor to the restaurant for additional vertical observation opportunities.

Photographed this without knowing about benchmark back in August. Just getting around to logging my pictures. Saw this many times over the years, and a lot this weekend, but logging it today - as we spent time in the outside garden for the Chihuly glass garden at the base. Found this one during our stay in Seattle. Because there is no Banchmarks in Germany, they have a new experience for us. We visited this place during our holidays. Today i prepare a bag and found a note with the coordinates from this Benchmark from our holiday in Sorry for this late log.

We are very exiting to vistit Seattle in again. The Space Needle was still here when I was out Geocaching this afternoon. It looked to be in great shape. The Space Needle is a must see on a trip to Seattle. We visit it at the first day of our trip to the USA. A really bad thing. Hier waren wir doch bei unserem USA Urlaub. While staying in Seattle for about a week, the space needle was of course one of the highlights of my visit.


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It was 2 years later, on , that I realized the needle is also a benchmark. Oh well, better late than never right? Found this benchmark while exploring downtown Seattle with my fiance. It is in great condition. Under this name, we went with a group of geocachers from Germany and Austria on the trip across the pond.

To participate in the last Geocaching Block Party. During our trip we visited some federal states, many national parks, entlose and wonderful nature. And of course some of the oldest and most beautiful geocaches. This of course included the pilgrimage site of all geocachers.

We are proud to have been there, especially with our great troops. We thank all members, Ownern and peers. The our journey an epic quest made. Zwischen den August haben wir in Washington and Oregon viele Cache gesucht und gefunden.

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Between the 12th and 19th of August, we were looking for and found a lot of cache in Washington and Oregon. Highlights were the visit of the Block Party, the mega event "Going Ape ", the Geocaching Headquarters and some very old cache. Germany goes Block Party !!!